Joining the Youth Theatre!


Whether you want a bit of time to escape the pressures of life every week, or are thinking of a career in performing and want to eat, sleep and dream it: there is something for you at Spotlites!  You can mix and match different activities to tailor-make your performing experience!



Aaron as the Warden in ‘Kiss of the Spider Woman’


Spotlites runs drama workshops every week: some people come along to enjoy themselves; some use the sessions to learn the foundations of performance. 

You can choose to audition for shows; some shows are rehearsed in the weekly drama workshops in a fun and relaxed way; or if you are more serious about performing and want to learn in a quicker more focussed way, you can audition for full scale productions which run at our theatre and often tour – last year to Edinburgh! This year to London!


Don’t want to perform in a show? No worries!  There’s tons you can do!

Choose from workshops in:- acting, singing, dance, playreading, musical theatre, backstage, drumming (click on link in left hand menu).


You can play in the band for musicals (working with a professional musical director!), you can even join our agency (with members shooting films for Sky One and touring to the famous film festivals, appearing on the Basil Brush show and helping with reconstructions for the news!)


In summer 2006 ‘Tommy’ (a rock musical performed by Spotlites Youth Theatre) received 2 five-star reviews (better than most professional shows!) at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe! 

PhenomenalIncredible Spotlites are showing professional companies how to do theatre” – Broadway Baby



‘Tommy’ 2006


Mondays in Chatham                         8.00 – 9.30pm                         Theatre Zone (18-22yrs)                     £6 a week

Mondays in Gravesend                      6.15 – 7.30pm                         Youth Theatre (11 – 21yrs)                 £5.50 a week 

Tuesdays in Maidstone                       7.45 -9.30pm                           Youth Theatre (14-18yrs)                   £5.50 a week

Wednesdays in Chatham                   7.45 - 9.30pm                          Youth Theatre (14-21yrs)                   £5.50 a week

Fridays in Chatham                            7.30 – 9.00pm                         Junior Youth Theatre (11-13yrs)        £5.50 a week

Saturdays in Chatham                        11.15am - 12.45pm                Junior Youth Theatre (11-13yrs)        £5.50 a week

Saturdays in Sittingbourne                  11.15am – 12.30pm                Youth Theatre (11 – 21 yrs)                £5.50 a week


Daniel playing the lead role in ‘Hamlet’


"I love attending Spotlites because I feel it brings out the best in me, it uses your ability to the full and helps you discover what you are best at whilst building a great knowledge of different playwrights and becoming part of an intense though friendly way of learning" - Lydia (16)


"I think that the best thing about Spotlites is the diversity of the activites we do.  They are both serious and at the same time great fun" - Mark (17)


"The thing I primarily gained from attending Spotlites is I regained confidence in myself - all the staff and students are awesome, definately worth a go" - Rox (15)


"I love Spotlites it is good for meeting new people and it can really help boost confidence in yourself and social situations. The staff are the best, especially Rachel, and it is great fun" - Alexander (17)



Join now to get involved!  Just call us on 01634 829468