How to join Spotlites

You can now join online (including paying!) please read the following and click the link to join online below

Spotlites runs Drama, Dance, Singing and Technical Theatre sessions for Children and Young people (aged 5 - 30yrs) as a part of our Education and Outreach work. We teach all Theatre and Performing Arts skills, including : - improvisation, roleplay, mime, movement, comedy and singing, with the emphasis firmly on fun and imagination.

We also produce large shows, that every member can audition for, and smaller ones within the groups!

Membership costs 5.50 a week (Zone costs 6.50), this is payable every week whether you are there or not as it is a termly fee. We can't let someone come for one week and then tell them they can't come the next because you are back! If you decide to leave you must tell us (by letter) and we require 4 weeks notice or 22 in lieu of notice (Zone 26). Your fees are payable until you tell us (as you are keeping a place open that another young person would like) there is a 6 registration fee payable on your first session only.

We have a 4 week trial period, so you can get a taster of what Spotlites is like. The initial cost to you is 4 weeks' sessions and the registration fee, totalling 28 (Zone 32).

Please come every week (we don't meet through holidays); if we are not meeting you will receive a letter in advance. Coming every week is a part of your commitment to learning about performing. If you can't make it to your session because you are ill, you have exams or you are going on holiday, then you must phone us before your session and let us know on 01634 829468.

Please do not take part in any other drama activity outside school other than Spotlites. This is because it's like trying to support two football teams - you can do it, but badly and sooner or later there will be a clash of dates or loyalties!


Click here to join our Drama sessions online (with online payment).

Click here to join Theatre Zone (18-22yrs) online (with online payment).

Or you can phone us on 01634 829468 (you can also pay by card over the phone)


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