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- Three Weeks

One of the most difficult things about introducing your child to theatre is the fact that they might embarrass you by running on stage, or screaming, or loudly saying something like “that fat man’s got an ugly face, mummy”.

The atmosphere at Spotlites’ shows for 2-5 year olds immediately puts one at ease: nobody expects the children to stay silent; they are invited on-stage throughout to play with the cast; little hands are repeatedly filled with things to occupy them.

Theatre shows aimed at broader age groups just can’t and don’t work this way, and that is why these events, aimed squarely at pre-schoolers, seem so perfect by comparison. The show isn’t a hugely glamorous, all singing, all dancing spectacular, but that’s not what you want for a three year old, actually.

What you want is this.

Spotlites Theatre Productions

The Enormous Turnip

Professional interactive play for 2 - 6s

Mon 19th, Thurs 22nd & Fri 23rd August @ 1.00pm
Tues 20th Aug @ 10:00am and also @ 11.20am

Help Grandad plant the tiny seed!
Slide in the snail slime!
Heave up the enormous turnip!
Little'uns come onstage throughout!

Interactive theatre for kids who don't just want to sit still and watch!

Join Boy and Grandad as they tend the seeds! The family’s hungry - what will grow? Will the birds steal the seeds? Will the slugs and snails munch the leaves? Will there be enough for tea? Will the turnip ever stop growing?

2011 & 2012 Fringe sell-out!

‘So perfect’ (ThreeWeeks).

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Performer's website

£7.00 (£6.00 concessions) (£24 Family of 4)

Group discount: 10% off for groups of 10+

Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall
Venue 278. 22 Hanover Street. EH2 2EP

Just up from National Gallery. Venue Box Office: 0131 220 5911

Click here for map of the venue

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