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The show is basically about the good side of the force defeating the bad side.
It has a sad start because Rapunzel was taken by bad witch Darth Vadia.
It was scary too as the witch gave me the creeps and there was alot of smoke.

It got really funny when we met Trapper the alien as he kept on bumping into things.

The venue is quite small so you could see the actors. It’s really interactive and I enjoyed pretending to be an X-Wing fighter.
It was cool because I also got to help Duke Skylord build up more force to defeat the dark side!
The best bit was when Darth and Duke were fighting with lightsabers and we joined in.

It was brilliant and exciting and had a happy ending. It's definitely about Star Wars though, so I don't think my little sister would have liked it.
My Mum says that if you don't want to pay extra for light sabers, you should take your own or wait till the bit at the end where they give you a foam one to borrow.

Spotlites Theatre Productions

Rapunzel - May The Force Be With You!

Professional interactive play for 4 - 10s

Tues 30th July - Sun 18th Aug
Sat 24th & Sun 25th Aug
11.30am (1hr including Interval)

Defend Rapunzel's tower with real lightsabres!
Master Jedi skills with Duke Skylord to rescue Trueflapper the alien!

Interactive theatre for kids who don't just want to sit still and watch!

Rapunzel Star Wars style!
Rapunzel lives in an ancient rocket-ship, imprisoned by the Dark Vadia!

ThreeWeeks Award winners!

From the team behind 2009/10 Fringe sell-out Sleeping Beauty and the Time Lords:
‘Take, make, bend time to see this show!’ (

and 2010/11 Fringe sell-out Robinson Crusoe the Lost Jedi Knight:
'Totally unlike anything I've ever seen elsewhere ... powerful’ (Stage).

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Performer's website

£7.00 (£6.00 concessions) (£24 Family of 4)
2for1 on Mon 5th & Tues 6th
Group discount: 10% off for groups of 10+

Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall
Venue 278. 22 Hanover Street. EH2 2EP

Just up from National Gallery. Venue Box Office: 0131 220 5911

Click here for map of the venue

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