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I attended Lorenzo's second night arriving 1hr and 40 minutes too early.

The thought flashed through my mind that perhaps I should give my ticket away and go home.

I didn't know what to expect but how glad was I that I stayed! It was worth it. The show was tremendous and the best I've seen.

What a personable and genuine young man he is. Lorenzo indeed delivered his promise of a "journey into our minds".

There were gasps from the audience from start to finish with appreciation of his art by clapping loudly.

My SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA wee wheel was "birling" away in all directions with enchantment, excitement and delight at what I saw and experienced from this lad from Glasgow. I can't tell you the details of the show as it would spoil it for anyone going. cq


A trail of expectant participants are eagerly ushered up the staircase of a sophisticated Merchants’ Hall. We filter into the deeply elegant backdrop of oak mantelpieces, with a stately gallery of golden-framed portraits spattered across the crimson wallpaper. The softly lit chandeliers spill just enough light over the scene and cast Lorenzo Novani in the mysterious allure of dark, handsome stranger. With a confident stride he appears from the previously unnoticed back room, down through the middle of his small audience, to take his place on the stage. His choice of location could not be more apt.

Presenting his show, Mystic, as unabashedly theatrical instead of a presentation of ‘true’ psychic ability, Novani’s room, his makeshift theatre, certainly plays off this theatrical vibe. It seems an intelligent choice to discard the forced compliance and rife suspicion of a professed authentic, instead crafting a show which presents the spectacularly unexplainable as something we really want to believe as extraordinary.

Accompanying his theatrical routine is the thick wad of Shakespeare’s complete works, as Novani skilfully entwines prophecy and storytelling, ruffling the geographical hearts of his audience. Through smooth and lyrical speeches he awakes the supernatural quality of Shakespeare’s Scottish play. The ghosts of characters past stir the feelings of the future with the softly whispered poetry of independence.

Novani’s dynamic piece will stun and shock, and had the audience anticipating in absolute silence. Charismatic and kind, though at times resorting to cheap tricks or extended fluffiness of melodrama, he wins his audience over with the genuine energy of his theatre. Though some may still attempt to pick apart the procedure behind his prophetic acts, the true potency of Novani’s work is that he stirs something far more intrinsically human within his audience. We wish to believe that through understanding the pattern of humanity, we can anticipate the pattern of the future; that ancient words will stir contemporary hearts as “the thistle once again stands alone”.

Lorenzo Novani (AKA Renz)


Sun 11th - Sat 17th August
8.40pm (1hr)

From Scotland

Drawing inspiration from shamans, mystics and spiritualists, magician and mentalist Lorenzo Novani takes you on a mesmerising journey into the theatre of the mind!

Expect audience involvement, and moments of deep astonishment.

'This man is a genius' (Citizens Theatre).

Performer's website


£7.50 (£6.50)

Group discount: 10% off for groups of 10+

Friends of Fringe: 2 for 1 anytime – only available from Fringe Box Office

Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall
Venue 278. 22 Hanover Street. EH2 2EP

Just up from National Gallery. Venue Box Office: 0131 220 5911

Click here for map of the venue

Performer's Twitter