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- review By Antony Sammeroff

"You are blind" the Phantom booms. And I am a little, after having a torchlight shone into my eyes during a little-too-drawn-out introduction.

As slow beginnings sometimes have their way of giving birth to beautiful things, The Phantom of the Fringe – a heartwarming exploration of a life of love of theatre, romance and heartbreak – comes into its own after a time, brought to life by costumes that dazzle, stories that move and amuse, and monologues that pull tenderly upon the heart strings. There is a beautiful emotionality to the reminiscences of the phantom of an old theatre-maker. Somewhere between the highs, and the lows, "the drug of applause," and the emptiness that follows in its withdrawl, Carmen Lorca enquires of us, "are we looking for the truth?"

Such audience interaction is always welcome. At one point she pulls a hapless fellow onto the stage to dance with her and enjoy some witty repartee as she shows off her improvisational acumen, retaining her character through unexpected ad libs which build rapport with her audience. The show includes some lofty cultural references, to the work of Stanislavsky and Chekhov, which may have been better understood by the audience if they were complemented by some contextual explanation in the script.

'Very recommended' Review by Pnina Porter

The high ceiling, the crimson carpeted floors, the golden-burgundy wall paper, the lavish fire place, and even the late hour of the night, all provide the most proper ambience and dwelling place for a ghost.
This, however, is no ordinary ghost.
It is riddled by theatre memoires, flimsy affairs with directors, producers and playwrights, which are shadowed by the dark secrets concerning their bizarre manners of death.

With a name like Carmen Garcia Lorca and the sounds of the Edinburgh Tattoo, thundering in the background, this Spanish Diva will lead you with her wardrobe, props and nonchalant chatter, through dark plots and other theatrical ups and downs throughout her dramatic career.
The end must not be spoiled but as the Diva decides to become a ‘femme fatale’, anything is possible.

Very recommended as an delightful ‘Amuse Bouche’ before your bedtime.

Carmen Garcia Lorca

The Phantom of the Fringe

Thurs 1st - Mon 26th August
9.55pm (1hr 10mins)

From Spain

A famous and glamorous actress finds herself in the worst situation: acting in Fringe theatre!

And, as if that's not enough, she lives in the warehouse, which is not at all beautiful, like the one in the opera.

Although she tries not to, she falls in love all over again with the audience, tells them how she fell that low and maybe, with the audience's help, she will...

A tragicomedy about illusion, fantasy, and their dark sides...

£7.00 (£5.50)

Group discount: 10% off for groups of 10+
2for1 on Mon 5th & Tues 6th
Friends of Fringe: 2 for 1 anytime – only available from Fringe Box Office

Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall
Venue 278. 22 Hanover Street. EH2 2EP

Just up from National Gallery. Venue Box Office: 0131 220 5911

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