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Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall is one of the leading venues at the Edinburgh Fringe, with three beautiful theatres established at the heart of the Festival.

We have programmed 31 of the best shows from around the globe this year, ranging from comedy, musicals, new writing, dance, classics, opera, children's theatre, magic, improvised comedy and cabaret. We have companies from India, America, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Spain, Georgia, Korea, South Africa as well as England and home grown Scotland.

Our central easy to find venue, 40 yards from Princes Street and part of the George Street Cultural Corridor, is one of the best venues on the Fringe. Unique beautiful spaces combine with clean facilities and caring, helpful staff.

Our distinctive Studio space is truly a fringe delight, atmospheric and cathartic with wonderful portraits & air conditioning, this is the perfect setting for finding exquisite intimate work.

Our new Gallery theatre gives you the opportunity to try out new works with some stunning pieces.

Come and discover some Fringe gems!

Press extracts from 2012

'This is how to do it!" Receives a five star review One4review on 'Spring Awakening'

"This amazingly hard working and highly entertaining theatre company" edfringe five stars Broadwaybaby on 'Merlin's Dragon'

"Outstanding", "Outstanding", "Outstanding", "Outstanding", "Outstanding", "Outstanding", "Outstanding" It also got a five star review Fringereview on 'Merlin's Dragon'

"What larks; what a laugh this show is. It's utterly irresistible" this was a funny retro show Scotsman on Sidcup Family Portrait

"If you aren't sure about theatre, this is a great place to start." I didn't get to see this show, but everyone said it was wonderful One4review on Bitesize Chekhov

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