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Kings Theatre Technical Specification

Main Theatre

Capacity: 110 fixed seats
Width (metres): 9.7m
Depth (metres): 7.5m
Height (to roof): 6.5m (note: we have two horizontal roof beams at 2.7m high)
Type of stage: Black Dance Floor (the stage floor underneath is wooden)
Space info: black box with raked seating.

Lighting details:
1 x Fat Frog Computerised Lighting Desk
4 x moving lights
Lots of led lights – giving full colour mixing
3000 lumen projector (narrow)
2500 lumen projector (extra wide)
Numerous 2kw, 1kw and 500w profiles, fresnels, floods, par64s and par 16s

Sound details:
1 x 40 channel Yamaha Digital Sound Desk
With connectors for ipod or laptop
Numerous mics with stands
2 x Bose 802 Main PA Speakers with Sub Bass
2 x Bose 802 Vocal Reinforcement Center Cluster Speakers
2 x Bose 402 Rear Speakers
2 x foldback wedges


Studio Theatre

Please note: this can be hired separately from the Main Theatre

Capacity: 50 flexible
Width (metres):7m
Depth (metres): 6m
Height (to roof): 3m
Type of stage: flat floor
Space info: black box with in-the-round seating 1 or 2 rows deep.
This is a flexible space and can be set up as you require, for example in-the-round or end on style or cabaret

Lighting details:
12 x 500w fresnels / profiles, 2 x 1kw fresnels, lots of led lights
3000 lumen projector (narrow)
2500 lumen projector (extra wide)
1 x Fat Frog computerised Lighting Desk

Sound details:
1 x 12:4:2 Yamaha Sound Desk
With connectors for ipod or laptop
1 x Mini Disk Recorder / Player
2 x Cd Players
4 x JBL 5 Speakers (in the round)



Studio Theatre is on the ground floor and fully accessible to wheelchairs – there are no steps.
The toilet is not a disabled toilet, but is quite spacious.
Main Theatre is up 17 steps therefore regrettably is not wheelchair accessible.