Spotlites On Tour

Are you a School? A Theatre? Or a Community wanting an educational but entertaining show to visit you?

A school assembly we were invited to recently

A quick extract from an intro at a school assembly

Spotlites will bring one of its shows to you for a price less then shipping your audience to a theatre!

We bring everything from scenery, lighting, props, costumes and sound effects to information packs and workshop ideas for you to use after we have been!

We have a vast experience of performing in schools & community centres, we can set up on our own in 2 hours (your caretaker can let us in if you want a 9am show), you then all come and see the show and we then pack up and leave in less than an hour.

You can select shows from our current performances at Kings Theatre or ones that we've performed in the past

Shows currently available:

Rapunzel - may the force be with you (5 - 9 yrs),
Treasure Island (5 - 12 yrs),
Magic Porridge Pot (2 - 5 yrs),
Peter Pan on Dinosaur Island (4 - 12 yrs),
Robinson Crusoe, the Lost Jedi Knight (5 - 12 yrs),
The Enormous Turnip (2 - 5 yrs),
Merlin's Dragon (5 - 12 yrs),
Sleeping Beauty & the Time Lords (5 - 12 yrs),
The Elves & the Shoemaker (5 - 12 yrs)
and others currently in rehearsals / development

How much does it cost? Sounds like you should phone us as your already keen!

Phone us on 01634 829468

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