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Sign up down below to participate in a free taster session for either children's or youth theatre on Friday 11th February, please read below about the sessions we offer:

For members 12 - 17 years we offer Youth Theatre on Wednesdays and Fridays 8pm - 9.30pm, Saturdays 12pm - 1.30pm: Develop acting skills, have fun exploring the world of theatre. These sessions are an outlet for your creativity, as well as help you build on basic and intermediate acting techniques, whether its for study or just because you enjoy it. Build a a friendly support network with like minded people.

For Members 6-11 years we offer Children's theatre on Wednesday's and Friday's  6pm-7.30pm, Saturdays 10am-11.30am: Help increase your Childs social skills, and build that confidence by introducing them to the world of theatre. Among learning basic acting techniques, children's theatre is the perfect outlet for learning how to express yourself in a safe way through creativity and imagination. Filled with like minded children, your peers will help you learn how to build important relationships as well as have fun in the process. Also a great place to spend all that extra energy!

Down below is our enrollment form you are required to fill out in order to participate in the free taster day that will be help on Friday 11th February 2022. Please select if which age group you will be attending on that day, and we will email a confirmation of your sign up. By enrolling you are granting us permission to contact you after your taster day to see if you would like to sign up for Spotlites membership. 

Sign up can be completed up to Friday 11th February 2022 5pm. After which we will not be taking anymore submissions. 

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