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We are currently offering a 2 week trial for just £20

Spotlites teach all kinds of theatre and performing arts skills including improvisation, voice, mask, physical theatre, musical theatre, comedy, we look at contemporary and Shakespearean texts, and work on theatrical practitioners like Stanislavski, Artaud, Boal, Brecht.

Each session is taught by one of Spotlites professional actors. You also get the chance to meet and make friends with like-minded people who love acting as much as you do.

Through out the year Spotlites also offers its member the chance to perform in shows in front of w hole audience, as well as extra workshops on the side for some extra fun here and there.

For our new members we ask that they participate in a 4 week trial. This is so they get the chance to adjust to the new environment, the people and allow themselves to get past those nerves. Sign up for trial to complete enrollment. Once your form has been submitted and paid for, we will be notified of your submission and will send you a welcome email - please check your junk folder. This will inform you of what to expect on your first day, confirm back some of the information provided to us, how to find us and the appropriate clothing to wear to sessions. 

Fill in the form below to sign up. Please note all under 18s must have a parent/guardian fill in the form on their behalf.

Mondays: 7.30pm to 9pm (Over 18s)

Wednesdays: 8pm - 9.30pm (12 - 17 year olds)

Fridays: 6pm - 7.30pm (6 - 11 year olds) / 8pm - 9.30pm ( 12 - 17 year olds)

Saturdays: 10am - 11.30am (6 - 11 year olds)/12pm - 1.30pm (12 - 17 year olds)

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