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Friends of Spotlites

In 2023 Spotlites tried something different and reached out to other companies in regards to working together. In most recent years things have gotten difficult for everyone especially when it comes to affordability. Which has made Spotlites, however important our work is, a luxury to many. Unfortunately through being a luxury it means many can not afford our services. This is such a shame because our focus is innovative theatre made for, with and by young people simply by exploring the creativity of individuals through the medium of theatre.

For many out there coming to Spotlites acting classes isn't just about learning how to act or even learning more about the theatre industry. It is also about being surrounded by like minded individuals, creating life-long friendships in a social setting outside of school. Our space is an inclusive environment that allows everyone to explore their feelings through a safe and controlled outlet. 

Being a not-for-profit organisation means all the money we get in from memberships and workshops goes back into the company to help contribute to resources and performances (as well as all the boring things such as bills.) 

So this year we decided to try something new, and it has allowed us to meet with a whole new range of individuals and form new relationships. The companies and individuals listed below have worked with us to create funded spaces to ensure more children and young people have the opportunity to participate in organisations like ours, and because of them we now have many more children who are able to say they are now apart of the Spotlites family and have a safe space to explore their identity, and of course take to the stage (if they want.)

If you want to become a friend of Spotlites whether you are a company or an individual then please contact

We were introduced to Medway Pride Radio through the brilliant and wonderful Shea Coffey. 

In 2012 the 'Big Local Programme' made its way to Chatham, creating Arches Local with the mission to 'to transform the dreams and aspirations of our local community into reality.'

Working with Arches Local we have been able to fund and provide scholarships to numerous children in the local area to be able to attend Spotlites. 

To find out more about Arches Local and their goals and achievements click here.


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