18th May Update

Hi Everyone!

I understand we missed giving you guys an update last week, however we have been preoccupied with looking into ways we can start back up again once lockdown eases and we can do so.

What we would like is opinions from our members in regards to master classes. To keep our members in touch with theatre, and acting, we have been looking into providing 30 minute solo sessions. This will enable us to get members back into attending Spotlites, and allow us to follow social distancing guidelines. We also feel this would be particularly helpful for our youth members considering pursuing acting for their future.

As we will still be showing 'Danny the Champion of The World', it is just a matter of waiting for lockdown to end and picking new dates, we are also considering the above approach for rehearsals. Picking particular scenes to rehearse, helping members with learning their lines, so once everything is back up and running again it will not feel like everyone has to start from scratch. With this we do need to assess if this would be 1 to 1, or if we could have a small group that will still allow us to follow social distance guidelines.

None of the above is set in stone, however we want you to know what we have been looking into to keep everyone informed. As members of Spotlites Theatre Company, we do value your opinions, so if you have any ideas, or like the sound of our ideas so far, or have any doubts please do pop us a message and let us know. After all the main priority is ensuring our members feel safe and secure when they return.

In other news, we have less than a week left on our fund raising. This coming Saturday, Kieron will be "Bic'in" it. Stay tuned on our facebook page for details of when we will be doing the live video. Yes you read correctly. We plan to show it live. You have shown such great support, it is only right you all get to feel like you are there with Kieron when all his hair comes off.

As it stands we have managed to raise a whooping


Hopefully this week we can give it one big final push and perhaps surpass the £1000 mark. Next week we will present you with the final total.

As always - THANK YOU

What ever the figure next week, every single one of you have been brilliant! We would not have managed to make it through this pandemic without your support, so please know from everyone here at Spotlites, we are eternally grateful.

See you soon. Until then stay safe!


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