With another Lockdown, we have decided to take sessions online. This is a completely new experience for us, and it has seemingly gone down well with all our members, having two successful weeks of it so far. That being said we know this isn't the same compared to physical sessions, but with some trial and error we are most certainly getting there.

Hopefully this lockdown does only last for the stated month and does not get extended so we can once again go back to our new 'normal'. In which case this online alternative has been created as a short term method, and should lockdown be extended, please know we are constantly reviewing our sessions and adding in improvements where we can.

A little bit about how we have been since re-opening. Many of our members have returned and despite social distancing, it was like we never closed, and have received such positive feedback from everyone. So a massive thank you to our loyal members, and to our new members. It is nice to see that despite what has happened this year, there is still a massive interest in theatre. Which is such a good thing to see, as it seems like there is an attempt to kill the arts due to this pandemic, which would be such a great tragedy to our culture and history.

Our next big project is about having more of an online presence. Why? So if things ever happen like this again we are equipped to deal with it smoothly and quickly, and because the way of the world is about being online now. So to keep everyone up to date via our online sources can do us a great amount of good.

Another piece of exciting news is that we now also hold first aid courses at our theatre, taught by our own Director of Spotlites Theatre Company, Kieron Riddell. Naturally we require all of our staff members to be first aid trained to ensure our members are always in the best of care. But now for those of you who have an interest in becoming first aid trained whether it be for professional or personal reasons, we can help you. Especially in such a year as this where we have had to deal with a pandemic, a bit of extra caution and knowing what to do in a potentially stressful situation will go a long way.

Most importantly, we want you all to know that another lockdown doesn't mean you should feel alone or pressured or under strain. As like our last lock down, to all our supporters and members if you need to talk to us please do so, we are here without judgement, and will always aim to help where we can.

Keep Safe.

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