It is no news that 2020 has been a disappointing year for everyone, with Covid-19 having put a halt on plans, closed businesses (some for good) and have caused loss of job security for many. So knowing that we have been greatly affected by Covid as a company would be of no surprise.

During the last lockdown we closed our doors and done what we could to keep the business going whilst no income was being made and bills still being paid. We ran a fundraiser to shave off our Youth Theatre Director, Kieron Riddell's, hair. With the help of many whether it be because they wanted to help, or quite simply wanted to see Kieron go bald we managed to raise enough to pay the bills whilst we waited to hear back on our application to a grant.

Then the good news came on the grant which meant as soon as the next lot of bills came around, we were able to pay them. It has been hard work for everyone involved, but we have been incredibly lucky considering other small businesses have had it tougher, and even have had to close their doors for good, with anything to do with the arts taking a huge hit at this time.

We are particularly lucky that as a theatre company our main focus is running sessions on teaching theatre. Rest assured that as soon as we can, we will look to be putting on shows at Spotlites Theatre Company Chatham. Fingers Crossed.

Now we have had to face a second lockdown, we have learnt from the previous one that we must do something otherwise we will not be so lucky with opening a second time. Thanks to technology this day and age, we have utilised video calls to run sessions via online. They are different to how we would usually conduct our sessions that's a given, but this past month they have seemed to go down a treat with both members and session leaders enjoying them. We have also seen that members have made an effort to stay in contact with each other outside of sessions which is lovely to see. As we keep saying Spotlites is its own little family, and it is wonderful to see that we are all supporting one another.

Some other changes we have come up with is to offer new services which can help lift our theatre up, and put us in much more comfortable position as a non-profit making company.

Kieron has recently been certified in teaching first aid courses, in which we will hold at our venue, as well as offer to go to other venues to meet the needs of the customers. First aid is always going to be a handy tool in the tool belt, and with how everything is at the moment, has become more of a necessity. Getting hold of Drs when it is not an emergency is difficult enough, and with isolation becoming a recurring thing, having first aid knowledge is definitely that security blanket to know you have the tools to handle a situation. Of course we hope no one would ever be in a situation where they are hurt. But extra knowledge never hurt anyone.

Furthermore, our theatre studio is now taking bookings for booked photo shoots for when restrictions ease. We are offering a standard package for £50 to have some beautiful professional photographs of your loved ones, given to you on a USB with a photography release form so you can get your images printed wherever you like and how many you like. For more details or to book a session please contact

In the grand scheme of things we are hoping to build Spotlites Theatre Company back up from the damage the pandemic has inflicted, and with these side services we can look into investing more into the sessions we provide our members, future shows, workshops and so on. On paper it all looks great, so now we are focusing to make it all come together in reality, and hopefully we can all make Spotlites Theatre Company bigger, better and stronger.

Until next time,


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