Another Lockdown

With another announcement from our Prime Minister this evening, we can confirm that Spotlites will remain online for the foreseeable future. I know, such a pain. Hopefully the third lockdown is the charm.

To ensure our members safety is at the top of our list, we plan to continue online until Covid becomes the thing of the past. Our plan is that when we can once again open our doors, those who feel happy to return to face to face sessions and are symptom free can come back to attend sessions at our theatre, but we will also have a zoom call set up simultaneously so that those who are isolating, or feel much more comfortable to stay at home can do so and not miss out. Hopefully this provides the best of both worlds for our members and keeps you all knowing that we are still here, and despite the tough times, plan to stick around for a good while.

Other than that we hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and New Year. It was devastating news to be told we can not celebrate the holidays with our family just a week before, but hopefully we all made the most of it, and I am sure next year it will be a Christmas to remember to make up for 2020.

Please remember if any of our members need to reach out we are here to talk to. Office hours are usually 10am -6pm however it is worth trying to email us at any time, as this lockdown has ensured normal hours do not apply. Keep safe everyone, and of course thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,


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