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As this new lockdown continues on, and the fact that Kieron has still short hair, we have come up with a new way in which you can help us through. This time our hair will be staying on our heads and instead we ask that you purchase a Spotlites t-shirt, pen, bag or lanyard with all proceeds being used to help keep the theatre afloat.

Perhaps you are one of our cherished members, and could do with a t-shirt to wear for your sessions. Perhaps you are a member of the community just looking to show your support. Either way these products are available to anyone and everyone. All you have to do is email to enquire about the product you are interested in.

You may be tired of hearing this, as we say this in every blog entry, but only because it means so much to us. Thank you all so much. Last year we truly believed we may not see another one. But here we are in 2021, still fighting with the continued support from our dedicated community. We have heard from friends, family, members and ex-members in regards to how they can help contribute. That is so amazing! We are most certainly feeling the love!!

It is scary times still, be gradually it looks as though we are fighting back, and soon (fingers crossed) we may be able to open our theatre doors once more. For now keep safe everyone and once more with feeling - THANK YOU SO MUCH.


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