Happy Monday

As it has been a week since our last entry, it is time to give you all another update on what is currently happening with Spotlites Theatre Company, and discussions about up coming plans.

Sessions Returning

Naturally given the lockdown, we can not put sessions on and return back to normal. However we are starting to take in dates for consideration, because this lockdown isn't going to last forever. Hopefully lockdown will end sooner rather than later, and when that times comes we have worked out when sessions can be run. So fingers and toes crossed 😆


Due to the current circumstances within our country - well within the world, we understand that summer this year may be like no other. Holidays and other plans are having to be cancelled due to the pandemic, which does make a downer out of a happy season. What we are planning to do, instead of being closed for the summer holidays as we normally do. Instead we are going to be putting on workshops and events to provide activities for the community, so everyone can have some fun despite cancelled plans.


Currently we have managed to raise an amazing £538.32 sponsoring Kieron's shave, so a massive thank-you to everyone who has donated, this really helps in keeping our theatre ticking over during such times. The big date is Saturday 23rd May, so if you haven't already donated, then there is still time - click here to go to our donation page.If we manage to hit the £2000 mark - then Kieron has stated that the eyebrows will also come off. All for a good cause, but please donate just to ensure I won't have a bald husband for no reason, after all I'm the one who is stuck in lockdown with him🤣

We have applied for a government grant designed to help small businesses during the pandemic, however our application has not been seen as black and white, and so is taking longer to process by the local council. Hopefully we will hear some good news from them soon, but until then it is a waiting game. Once again fingers crossed for us🤞

Social Media

During lockdown, the easiest method to post updates and news is from our social media. We use it to keep you guys not just updated in regards to us, but also to provide boredom busters, and other forms of entertainment. Most importantly, it easily allows us all to keep connected. So if you do not already follow us on facebook and/or instagram then please do.


Whilst we are always mind mapping new ideas to entertain our members and supporters - you can join in too. If there is an idea that you would like to pitch in regards to fund-raising, or for future activities, then please let us know. You may have an idea of a boredom buster you would like us to post on our facebook page to entertain others during lockdown. Whatever the idea, our ears are open.👂

We miss you

Lastly as always please know that we miss you all, and can not thank you enough for your continued support. Post entries are planned to be updated every Monday, and coming soon will be posts focuses on acting techniques to help keep our members knowledgable about theatre, and ensure that their love for the theatre can be kept strong. These will be posted on a different day of the week, and you guessed it - will update you when these go up so that you don't miss it. If you haven't already done so then join our mailing list. That way you will receive an e-mail notification every time we post an update, so you won't ever miss out.

Stay Safe Everyone!❤️🎭

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