Kieron's Bic’in It

As promised this week's update is based on our little fundraising campaign to raise money to support Spotlites Theatre Company in chatham during lockdown. We have been keeping an eye on the news, and the ease of lockdown procedures, in which we thoroughly believe come September we will be able to run things as normal once more.

However we are looking into still conducting restricted sessions which follow social distancing guidelines, and workshops which can help ease our members back in the normality of going to Spotlites. This of course is still under 'construction' and we are also waiting to hear about the final verdict in regards to children returning to schools this side of the summer holidays. Naturally if we come up with anything concrete we will let you know, as well as just let you all know in general what thoughts we are currently having.

Back to the big news, on Saturday 23rd May at 7pm, Kieron a long time member of Spotlites for 15 years, shaved off his beard and full head of hair as a way of raising money to keep the theatre running during lockdown. The amount of support we have received has absolutely blown us away, and for that we can not thank you all enough. It goes to show that Spotlites does mean a lot not just to us, but to its members and the community.

Our focus at Spotlites is about teaching individuals about the life of theatre and hone their acting skills. But it does much more than that. It gives our members a safe place to explore and express emotions. To spend time with other like minded people and build confidence. We can honestly say that from seeing members on day one of attending Spotlites to now, their personality shines, and they have become outstanding individuals. Through running this fund raiser, our community has aided in supporting the theatre, ensuring that although its doors may be closed for now, that we have a bigger opportunity to re-open them when the right time arises.

We managed to reach out to a wide audience on Saturday evening through our live video on our facebook page, and seeing all the comments right there in the moment was emotional to say in the least. So once again Thank you.

From your donations we managed to raise a grand whooping total of


We didn't expect to surpass the £1000 mark, so well done everyone on your contributions. We really do feel the love. Kieron's fundraiser has now of course come to the end, luckily he didn't have to shave off his eyebrows, but we had him nervous the whole weekend which was very amusing to watch. Please enjoy the evidence below of his shave, and fingers crossed his hair grows back quickly.

Of course if you wish to watch this funny tale in its entirety the link is below.

Once again THANK YOU.

And hopefully we will see you all soon.

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