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For newcomers who are considering joining the Spotlites family, please know that Spotlites Theatre Company is currently closed due to the current circumstances with Covid-19 until further notice. Once the world returns to normal, fingers crossed that will be soon, Spotlites’ doors will be open once more. Despite the theatre being closed, and sessions being on hold, our office is still open via phone and email. So if you do have any general enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.

What’s new with us? Despite the current climate, we are utilising the spare time we have been given to heighten the Spotlites experience. One thing I think we can all agree on, is when it comes to the cost of things these days, it makes us wince. We normally work on a termly fee basis, as it gets payments out of the way at the start of each term, and allowed focus on sessions, events and activities for the rest of term. When having looked into alternate payment methods in the past – the cons always seemed to outweigh pros. However we have always tried to improve our methods where we could. Now we can happily state we have found a method, which will be available to members from when term is due to start in September. These payments are designed as a set, equal amount to be paid on a monthly basis, ongoing unless cancelled. By making it automatic, it avoids the extra admin required to rearrange payments, but also allows us to make payments affordable and on a monthly basis. This is still new for us, but seems very promising for both Spotlites and its members. Naturally if you have any questions about this then please contact us – and we will still offer our termly payment option for those who prefer it that way.

How you can help and upcoming events

Furthermore, we have also been applying this extra time to come up with ideas on events and activities we can hold when we all return. The current circumstances has put a strain on our little business, so we plan to hold events such as workshops as ways of fundraising.

Currently we do have a fundraising page open on our website, so if you would like to make a donation just to support us through this difficult time, we would be very grateful.

As a way to raise money for Spotlites, Kieron has decided (all on his own might I add) that he will shave off his beard…..and his entire head of hair. I’ve made my peace with this announcement, with the knowledge that hair does grow back, and hopefully through the generosity of all our members and supporters a sacrifice that is worth living with. If you do wish to sponsor Kieron, and wish to see what he would look like bald, then once again please head over to our fundraising page to donate. The dooms day will be Saturday 23rd May, which gives us just over a month to raise as much as we can so please get donating. If anything to ensure I do not have a bald husband for no apparent reason.

Danny Champion of the World

It has been truly devastating to have to postpone our show ‘Danny Champion of the World,’ knowing how much our members were looking forward to it. This being said, we are still working on the show where we can, using this as an opportunity to get things ready for when we can rearrange the shows. Once we are back up and running, please be patient whilst we review the dates of where we can put the show back on. We will need to ensure the dates allow us to provide members with enough rehearsal time to be ready for opening night.

Social Media

Do remember we are still here. Although we can’t provide our usual services, we are still trying to keep everyone up to date, and entertained. So if you don’t already please do follow our facebook page and instagram. If anything it keeps the Spotlites Community together and strong during such times.

Lastly, please know we miss you all and hope everyone is keeping safe. Spotlites has been running for over 20 years through the support of our community, and hopefully we can keep it going for longer through your continued support. Thank you all so much, and hopefully we will see you soon.

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