We've been Quiet.... We've been planning!

Hi everyone,

In light of lockdown being eased, and businesses are looking to open back up again, we too have been focusing on how we can get back up and running when the time is right. We have been looking into how we can follow social distance guidelines, to make it so when we do open everyone can feel safe to come back, and it makes that transition for our members that bit smoother.

In order to do this, we plan to open back in August with a series of Workshops. These workshops will focus on following social distancing, and will have limited spaces to aid in doing so. As a thank-you to our members for their support and due to last term being cut short, we will be offering FREE workshops. All of our members will be emailed time tables of what and when these workshops will be to allow time for sign up.

Other news for our members to expect shortly is more information on our new payment methods going live in September.This information will be emailed to you to explain in detail how we have come up with our new "prices", the new payment method (direct debit option will be available) and why we have made this change. With the most important thing being is that the changes we have to announce are exciting, and will benefit our members greatly.

With all that being said, we look to return to normal come September. Guidelines at the moment look for majority of businesses to re-open come July. However to provide a "clean slate" and get things started properly, we believe starting back up in September will be the smoothest way forward, seeing as that is generally when we start back up after summer anyway.

So the months to look forward to, will be August and September. We also want to make available master classes for those particular members of ours who miss learning about the theatre world and wish to take the opportunity to improve their current knowledge. This could also be an opportunity for any one particularly nervous about returning because of the current climate, to step back into theatre gently, get a feel for it ready for when sessions with groups start back up.

The Theatre itself may be closed, but we are still by the phone and are responding to our emails. So naturally if any questions, concerns or just general conversation arises, then please do contact us. We want to make sure everyone is doing ok during these times, and know that to our members we have always been a safe haven, a place of escape. Just because you can't come to the theatre does not mean that we no longer offer our oasis. We are still here for whatever you may need us for!

So please to all our members keep an eye on your emails. If you have updated your emails at any stage, and unsure if we have the correct ones for yourselves, then please do contact us so we can update our systems.

Stay safe everyone, and we will see you all sooner than you think!


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