What we have been up to this week...

Hello everyone, we hope you are all keeping well. So for this past week we have been coming up with ideas on how to improve the look of our theatre from the outside. Our focus has been on the forecourt, in which we plan to put up some more flowers. For starters Kieron started on the weeding last week during one of our routinely check ups of the building. Hopefully we can get it looking beautiful in time for our planned Spotlites BBQ in the summer. What can be better? Food, activities, a pretty environment and good company. Fingers crossed that lockdown ends so this idea can definitely become a reality.

Another summer plan is to put on some shows. Really get theatre love booming again, seeing as quarantine has really affected that part of our culture. Some local shows will really bring the community together, and once again provide us all with a fun activity to do with family and friends when other plans may have been delayed or even cancelled. Naturally in order to put on shows, we need to have time to put on auditions and rehearsals. So this is something that can only be determined with time, but fingers crossed. These shows will be planned professional shows, so it can cater to both members but also the wider community.

Speaking of shows, we are still working on bits and pieces for ‘Danny the Champion of the World’, working on some character design such as making a moustache from scratch. Just the little things, so as soon as we can get the ball rolling again, we don’t have to focus too much on things that still need to get done, but more so on rehearsal time with our members. For all of our members who are performing the show, you have your copies of the script, so please do rehearse in your spare time, if anything to keep you involved, and to ensure the script remains familiar to you.

As for our fundraiser that is currently taking place, we have just under 3 weeks left until Kieron shaves his whole head. Enough time to keep raising as much as we can, but naturally the clock is ticking. We start this week having now raised a total £653.01

Once again thank you so much to everyone who has donated, and shared our cause. With the donations we have also been receiving so many loving and supportive messages which really means a lot to us. Please remember the small local businesses that have had to shut during this lockdown are going through a great struggle, and will have a greater struggle when trying to re-open. Within these small businesses are ones like Spotlites. A company that has run for the community and with the community, and is built on being non-profit making. This does make our struggle that little bit more difficult because we do not have any profits to put back into our theatre in order to keep it ticking over during the closure. Our theatre company runs of off the membership it draws in, with all pennies going back into it for necessities such building maintenance costs. It really does go to prove, that we are nothing without your support, and it is due to the support we have received this far that we have managed run for as long as we have.

That all being said, if you are able to donate, then please do. Any amount goes towards a great cause for your local community. Please also share and spread the word about our fundraiser to help it reach further.

We have been looking into other means to support our company such as the business grants being provided specifically due to Covid-19, however our application appears not be as black and white as it should be. So we are working with the local council to keep an eye on the application, and to see what we are eligible for at this time. They have always shown us continued support, and we do not doubt that such support will continue.

On a positive note the world does seem to becoming that bit more normal more and more each day. The shops are no longer completely empty, making essential items available for everyone. Hopefully this continues on, and sooner rather than later, by taking each day at a time, lockdown will ease and we can all return to life as we know it. More importantly go back to being able to physically be with our loved ones. I foresee many hugs in my future.

For now, keep safe and stay home. Times are tough, but if you ever wish to talk we are hear for you just like you have been here for us. Missing you all.


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