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Spotlites Theatre Company offers payments to be made via termly installments, which work out to be lower in cost through out the course of a year compared to monthly payments. If you wish to pay in lump sums, termly payments would be the most suitable option for you, in which at the start of each term you will be reminded about due fees. We have made termly cost a fixed amount by averaging the amount of sessions we hold in each term. Please note that although we base this membership on termly payments, Spotlites do run sessions throughout half terms, which is included within the overall termly cost. Specific dates of session availability will be provided for you by letter, email as well as posted on our website. This will aid in making members aware of days sessions are running. 


You are able to cancel your membership at anytime. To do so you would need to provide us with written notice via email to takepart@spotlites.co.uk. Please note we require one months notice (30 days) in order to process cancellation requests. Although you may have the intention to stop attending sessions when you submit your cancellation, you are more than welcome to still attend sessions within your notice period should you wish. 

  1. Refunds

    Your months notice will take place from the date you submitted your cancellation request. You may be eligible for a refund for any sessions that take place after your notice period. Your refund entitlement will based on the remaining sessions left for the term that take place after your notice period, and will be confirmed back to you before processing the refund. You will not be eligible for a refund for any sessions taken prior to or during your notice period.

Attendance to sessions is up to our members. Should they be unable to attend sessions for any reason, they may attend a different session day. Spotlites Theatre Company only offer memberships, so please note if you make the choice to not attend a session, you will not be eligible for a refund. In the instance that your session day has had to be cancelled, as long as Spotlites Theatre Company provide an alternative session, or replace the session that had been cancelled, you will not be eligible for a refund.

Spotlites Theatre Company

Spotlites Theatre Company reserves the right to deny membership. If a member has breached the terms and conditions, or their actions have gone against Spotlites rules (decided at the discretion of the Company Directors and session leaders), Spotlites Theatre Company reserves the right to cancel membership effective immediately with no refund issued for prior payments. Spotlites Theatre Company reserves the right to update prices according to demand of the current climate such as inflation, in which case members will receive one months notice in writing. We reserve the right to amend dates where necessary, providing members with at least 24 hours written notice.
Should members default on their payments at the discretion of Spotlites Theatre Company, they can decide on requesting the outstanding balance for the term to be paid in full with a 10% late fee charge applied or cancel membership. If there is a query on payments, or request to change payment information queries are to be sent to takepart@spotlites.co.uk in you will provided with what options are available to you. 

New members are to sign up for their termly membership by the date specified in their welcome e-mail sent to them after their trial period.
Existing members need to sign up for their termly membership by the date specified in Spotlites Theatre Company’s termly dates email.

Members can be refused a session if payment has yet to be made. Payments are arranged to be taken in advance. 


By continuing on with a termly membership you are hereby agreeing to Spotlites Theatre Company’s rules and the above terms and conditions. 

You understand that termly payments are not automatic, and there fore will be requested for payment near the start of each term, with payment to be made by the date provided by Spotlites Theatre Company, and agree should payment not be made by such date you are subject to either a late fee charge or cancelled membership as mentioned in the above ‘Payments’ Policy.

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