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Terms and Conditions

I give permission for myself/my child to take part in Spotlites Theatre Sessions. I accept that whilst every care will be taken this will be at my own risk. I accept Spotlites Theatre Company's rules and agree to give one months notice to stop my membership when the time comes, and to pay for coverage of that months notice which I/ or my child can either continue to attend. I give permission for an anaesthetic to be administered to my child should the need arise, or for any other urgent medical treatment to be given. I will have made it known via the enrolment form of any known medical conditions that Spotlites should be aware of, and will let them know of any future conditions should they arise. I give permission for my details to be held on Spotlites Database for emergency contact, and to be contacted in regards to upcoming events and session dates unless I given written notice to opt out. Furthermore, I understand to prevent conflict of interests I/My child can not join any other drama group outside of school/collage. Lastly I understand that by agreeing to the terms and conditions I am giving consent for myself/my child to join Spotlites Theatre Company.

In the instance that a session can not go ahead due to unforeseen circumstances uncontrollable by Spotlites, then we will always aim to offer a suitable alternative where we can with refunds of session time not being applicable. 

Any payments due to Spotlites are subject to a 10% late payment fee if payment is delayed or does not go through. If you are having issues with payment then please always contact us prior to your payment charge date to see if there is anything we can do on our end which may help you avoid the late payment fee. If you come to us after your charge date or with not enough notice leading up to your charge date, the late fee will be applied.

It is the members responsibility to keep up to date with terms and conditions to check if they have ever been updated

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