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Why choose us for your photographic needs?

Most photography studios charge for the session and then prints separately, and this can be an extortionate price to pay. Albeit these images turn out beautiful, it leaves a lot of people missing out on the photographic experience a professional photoshoot has to offer due to lack of affordability. Through the lens is about offering affordable photoshoots for everyone, the price being the total cost for both the shoot itself and the digital images you shall receive afterwards. This does leave it down to the customer to arrange the prints they may want - however with the digital files they can print and share as many of their images as they wish. 

Background on our Photographer

Aimee Riddell is our in house photographer whose passion has been to be behind the camera her whole adult life. From studying photography all the way through school, further education and university Aimee took her skills out into the world in a professional capacity. Her first professional start was through wedding photography, however studio work is where her passion truly lies, and the artistic freedom she is free to explore. Now Aimee works for Spotlites providing professional photographs such as the ones listed below, and also capturing photographs for our upcoming theatre shows. Choosing a minimalistic approach to her imagery, Aimee is always eager to try something new and different with her subjects in order to achieve photographs her customers will cherish for a life time.

What Photographs I can offer?

  • Newborn Photoshoot from £99-  Photoshoot of your new baby, and new family where you will receive a USB with 10 JPEG images from the photoshoot sent home to you. These can be done at our studio, or in the comfort of your own home

  • Standard Photoshoot  from £50 - This package is based on suiting all your photographic needs at a decent price. Whether you want an up to date photograph of your family and friends done in a simple yet professional capacity, this package is the one for you. You will receive 5 JPEG images on a USB sent home to you. Around 1 hr, this covers a basic set up, white backdrop, no props.

  • School Photographs from £30 - Want some up to date photographs of your little ones in their school uniform to share with your loved ones and cherish forever. This package will give you at least 3 JPEG images on a USB sent home to you. 

  • Breastfeeding Photoshoot Studio from £80 - Want some beautiful photographs of you feeding your child, we can do that for you. You will receive 8 JPEG images on a USB sent home to you

  • Breastfeeding Photoshoot Location from £90  - Beautiful photographs of your breastfeeding journey at a particular location whether it be your home or somewhere of significance to you. You will receive 8 JPEG images on a USB sent home to you

  • Boudoir Photography from £120 - Whether you want a shoot as a surprise for your partner, or just something to help you remember how beautiful you are we can offer a boudoir shoot where you can get 8 jpeg images on a USB sent home to you

  • Other specialist Photography - got something in particular you want captured by the camera, let us know. Just send an enquiry to us and we can arrange a meeting to discuss the photographs that you would like, and we can see if we are the right choice for you.

Take a look at a few of the images we have created for our happy customers down below - a full portfolio can be shown upon request. Prices are shown are starting prices that can be subject to change dependant on meeting the needs of the customer. 

Just click here to enquire about what you would like, and we will make it work for you. 


Breastfeeding on Location


Newborn Photography


Newborn Photography - Family photos

Toddler Photograph

Toddler's Photoshoot

Toddler Photograph

Toddler's photoshoot

Baby Photograph

Baby Photo shoot


Boudoir Photography


School Photographs


Specialist Photography

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