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Learn to Act
at Spotlites

A chatham based theatre providing acting classes, singing lessons and dance classes for children and adults throughout Medway and Kent for nearly 30 years!

Our award winning Theatre provides a safe, inclusive environment surrounded by like minded peers in Medway.

Sign up for a 2 week trial now and explore your creativity through theatre

2 week trial

Just £20

Make life long friends

Winner of the school and education award from Medway Pride Radio LGBTQAI+ Awards

Theatre workshops for children aged 6 - 17, and adults 18+

Learn tools and skills to express yourself in a healthy and safe manner

Build your confidence through acting techniques

Awarded Most Inclusive Theatre Workshop NPO 2023 - South England

Do you have a child who:

❗️Has a lot of excess energy to burn

❗️A creative perhaps even overactive imagination

❗️Has a flare for the dramatic

❗️Lacks Confidence

❗️Struggles building friendships

Our award winning theatre classes in Medway will provide your children with the opportunity to build life long skills that we hold multiple times a week. At our acting sessions, our members don't just learn about the world of theatre but are taught key skills that they can use in day to day life. We:

✅Help members express themselves in a safe and controlled space

✅Surround them with like minded peers which builds lasting friendships

✅Builds confidence

✅Uses drama inspired games to help use up extra energy and get them into the right headspace

✅Create different scenarios based on different themes and key techniques for them to act out and explore their imagination to the fullest.

Many of our members have been with us for years starting as young children moving up to our youth theatre and then up to our adult classes, with many Spotlites alumni going to have occupations in the theatrical world.

We cater to every theatric need with acting classes, dance classes and singing lessons in Chatham, Medway. So whether you just want to focus on honing your acting skills and techniques, or also have a case of musical theatre fever we are the perfect fit!

Why not sign up for our 2 week trial and learn to act, sing and dance at Spotlites. Click the link below to sign up.


Spotlites Theatre Company

338 High St, Chatham ME4 4NR


01634 829 468

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