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Spotlites At Balfour

Hello and welcome to Spotlites. We are offering a wonderful opportunity for those who attend Balfour Junior Academy to attend Spotlites sessions on Wednesday's after school 3.30 - 4.30pm during term time. We focus on teaching children about theatre and acting which can include fun activities such as dance, puppetry, improvisation with emphasis on fun and imagination. All Balfour participants will also be eligible to take part in upcoming shows at our theatre in Chatham, however performances are not compulsory and are only something we want members to participate in should they wish. 

These after school workshops cost £20 a month and until the end of the academic year, July. If for any reason we can not hold a session at the school (such as in the event of a snow day, or sudden school closure) then we will invite members to come to a session at our theatre.

Please note that there are limited places available, if we get too many people signing up we will operate on first come first served basis. Please make sure you complete sign up and set up your direct debit, if you fail to do so your sign up will be seen as incomplete and the place available will go to the next person to successfully sign up. Once places are full you will be added to our waiting list.


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